Question on starting the looper before the beat buddy

so im running the beat buddy with the boomerang 3 atm, but will probably get the loop studio if i keep running into snags.

that said, my first question is if there is a way to swap master/slave roles on these two based on which you start first? right now any time i try to run midi from my looper to the beat buddy it drops the rate to an unusably slow tempo on the BB. i think a reason for this might be that the boomerang doesn’t track its tempo clock until a loop is started but i could be wrong.

if there is not, is there a way yet to assign turning off midi sync of the two units to a footswitch pedal (ideally) or to the MM?

sometimes i would like to create my own percussion via beatboxing and not bring at the start of a tune.

I can’t speak on the Boomerang, but the BeatBuddy automatically starts following along to incoming clock

No this is not possible on the BB

Thanks for the questions!