Question on the PUC

I need to confirm something in case I just made a huge error. I ordered a PUC last night, only now did I realize everyone seems to be using PUC+. Question is, is the one I ordered going to work? what is the difference between the Puc and PUC+. oh how I love tech!

It will work. I use the PUC, you have to connect to it via your wifi setting (like a router) so you can’t be connected to the Internet while using the PUC. The PUC+ uses Bluetooth to connect.

Sweet, I can stop stressing!

Man I can really use your help. I have the puc hooked up, it is connected via wifi on my ipad but it is not talking to the beatbuddy and it doesn’t show up as a destination in onsong. HELP!

You need to download the puc app from the App Store.

FIXED, not sure how but it works

Key sequence is connect the PUC to your wifi, then start the PUC app and make sure it recognizes the PUC then your home free!

I had the PUC software installed, everything plugged in. I had the commands put in Onsong… for some reason it wasn’t talking. Was ready to quit but decided to give it one more try. Went back into Onsong at it found the PUC and we were good. No idea, all I know is I am a happy camper it is working. Thanks to all for the support.