Question re user BB Songs - not a request for a song

Just wondering if there could be a section for user songs that are just the beats setup as a “standard” BB Song, no one-press stuff?

Or is there already some way to tell if user songs are indeed already this way?

Or, is it just “suck it and see” in most cases?


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try setting the forum category to

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 3.14.14 PM

ummm, not being obtuse, but how does that actually address the question? It was directed at moderators and administrators.

Why delete? Am I being ghosted or something here?

What my post meant was that post of yours was not helpful, and gave no answer apart from a screen shot of a title bar?? It IS difficult to find “standard” BB songs among all those one press songs. I don’t have time to wade through a “gazillion” songs, and not a lot of time to create (apart from edit and tweak existing beats) .
I thought it was a fair question. And only needed a written response of it’s not really feasible, which is totally acceptable, or a link to an existing folder, rather than some random screenshot!

Sorry for failing to meet your expectations. I’ll try harder.

Was not a screen shot, it was the direction you could use to find what you are looking for when using the categories contained in the screen shot.

Let’s break it down to see if it makes better sense for you:

  • Think of the categories and sub-categories as forum filters that you can set, bookmark and use to more easily find beats.
  • If you set each category as in the screen shot, it will take you to the place on the forum where user generated content is located; since you don’t want one-press songs, you would not set the sub-category to Songs, but rather to Beats.
  • If you’re satisfied with these filters, you can then bookmark and make a tab in your browser. For example, I’ve created filters for the latest posts, another for Songs, and yet another for Requests. Each one is tabbed to make them easy for me to get to.
  • Here’s a link to the filters that might help:
  • If this still doesn’t meet your requirement, then I would have to say that other than using the Song Matching tool, that your expectation is not feasible.


the forum moderator

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Sorry, all it appeared to me (without any additional comment) was a screen shot of a title bar. It may have made sense to you, but to me, it was just, well what is that supposed to mean?

And even in that link you posted, there is no indication of what type the beat is for the song…I have searched that before and if I find a title I can use, and click it and it’s yet another One Press/ OPB song…If I wanted One Press/OPB songs I’d play a backing track of the original drums tbh.

This is what led me to the OP - there is no indication of what type the song is. I dunno maybe posters can (in the thread post title?) indicate it is BB or OP, or OPB…

If you have a DAW in your computer you can import the midi data , remove the bass (if that’s what you want) and split the song up into parts that can be imported into BBM . Persist includes the raw midi data in his submissions which would make this easier.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I already was aware I could do that. Have done several songs that way myself.

Again, I should have been more specific - I was grouping One Press songs in that same category (OPB) IE songs that play the whole recorded song with one press start to finish. I will amend the post.