Questions about NRPN MIDI messages:

I saw in the manual that you can set tempo parameters with some extra steps using NRPN and INC/DEC commands. I read through that section, but am still pretty confused on how it works. I want to use an infinite encoder knob on my MPK Mini to control the volume, and in the manual it mentions this is possible, “these same steps can be used to set the Mix (CC:108) or Headphone (CC:109) volume parameters” (pg 46). I’m already not sure how the tempo thing works, but could anyone please explain the steps for mapping a knob in this way? Thanks!

Unfortunately, you can’t control the volume in the same way you can control the tempo.
You can send tempo increase and tempo decrease commands but the volume needs to be set with a value of 0 - 100
If you can can program the knob to use an internal counter, then you could use that to send different values to increase/decrease the volume.

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What do you mean by internal counter?

Some MIDI controllers have a counter, you can then tell it to send a command with the value of the counter and increment or decrement the counter. On the next event (turn of the wheel) it does it again and again until it reaches the end of the counter.
This is an advanced feature that most MIDI controllers don’t have.

Here I have it set for volume up in the Morningstar MC6 Pro:

Here, you can see it in action

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