Questions about Start/Stop behavior and parts

I just ordered an Aeros and have a question. I plan to use an external midi controller to perform some of the Aeros functions. One of those is start stop all. I need it to be immediate with no delay. Would that be CC43 values 1 for start and 127 for stop immediate? A question about this. If I have a song with multiple parts which part will start when I press play after stopping? Example: I’m in part 2 with a locked track. I stop all. When I restart will part 2 start along with the locked track? Is it possible to designate which part starts? For example could I stop while in part 2 and restart in part one?

Hey there,

Yes, you can use MIDI to accomplish this

The full MIDI implementation can be found here

The Aeros has options to control the expected behavior of the Stop and Transition (immediate/End of Measure/ End of Loop) in the Device Behavior settings. These can be overridden by using behavior-specific MIID commands like CC:43 value 127 (stop immediately).

The Aeros will start on whatever part it is currently on/being told to play. The part can be set using CC:113 value 1-6 while stopped to select the part you want or you can use the bottom left button to toggle the current part selection. While stopped, part changing is immediate.

Hope this is helpful, thanks for the questions!

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Excellent thanks again for the concise explanation. The manual is very good and easy to read and understand. I’m starting to program my MC6 and excited to try this all out.

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My pleasure!