Queston for Midi Maestro and Footswitch+ owners

For those who own both the Midi Maestro and Footswitch+, what additional functionality can you achieve using the Footswitch+ vs having only the Midi Maestro?

I want single tap access to Start/Stop, Fill, Next Part, Previous Part, Pause, and Accent (Crash). I can only achieve single press access to 3 of those 5 without the MM.

Also, the MM acts as a blue tooth bridge for lyrics apps to be able to control the song selection and more.

The Footswitch+ is two more buttons. More buttons means more options. The default Beatbuddy mode on the MIDI Maestro doesn’t have crash cymbal, or pause. That’s fine by me, because I have those functions on my Footswitch+! I’m actually wanting to buy a second Footswitch, because you can plug it into the MIDI Maestro’s extension port, and use it to turn pages on your MIDI Maestro.

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