Quick-ish video guide to the new forum

Hey everyone,

I wanted to make a quick video guide showing the new features of the forum and how to use them.

P.S. This doesn’t reflect the new theme we added, called Boxy Tent Light, that some have requested and expressed looks better than the default theme. Check it out by clicking your user icon in the top right, then the cog (preferences), the subcategory interface (left menu), and finally select your theme under the Theme section.


Nice job. Quite helpful.

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“…because our logo doesn’t work well on the dark theme.”

So invert the logo’s color to white when employing a dark theme? Preferable. Less preferable, ditch the current transparent background for a white one. It’ll still be transparent on white themes, so same as now. Of course the logo will appear with a white rectangle around it when paired with any other color theme, but at least it will be visible. Personally, that would look just fine.

And I agree, the mobile version looks pretty good!