quick question on creating drum sets.

If I just replace the snare on one kit for a tambourine should any beats I play using this kit now play a tambourine instead of a snare? or do I have to create a specific drum beat to do that?

yes, if you replaced the snare with tambourine samples, it would play tambourine instead of snare, but unless you are going to do that a lot, it’d be easier to change the midi note from “snare” (usually 38) to “tambourine” (usually 54)

Thanks I appreciate the feed back

Will the tambourine only play if it’s a song that has a tambourine in it? im trying to get a one two kind of beat with a kick and a tambourine.

If you change the snare for a tambourine sample then whenever the snare (midi note 38) is triggered you would hear the tambourine for that kit only.

As @aashideacon has said, if you change the midi note to 54 and had a drum kit set to trigger the tambourine on that midi note then you would only hear that sample in the midi files that you changed.

I don’t think I explained that very well but it makes more sense when you try it out.

@Psalm40 so if I did that and then tried to play the new drum set on the pre loaded song blues-1 would it play the regular drum beat but with a tambourine instead of a snare? Or do I need to create a new drum beat for that kind of modification?

Short answer “Yes”.

Hahaha sorry man is that yes to the having to make a new beat or yes to it will play tambourine?

It will play the tambourine.

Oh damn really? Thats freaking amazing. I just barely got it last night and have to work all day so im just counting down the hours to get home and try it out. Thanks for your help.