Quiet buttons on foot switch

I love my BeatBuddy and have gradually added drums to much of my set list. When my set list follows the order of the songs in the BeatBuddy my show flows nicely. If I change the order in mid-stream; to accommodate the audience, I have to cycle through the songs on the BeatBuddy using the foot switch. I have set the BeatBuddy to go forward on the right button and backward on the left button and this works very well.

The ONLY problem I am having right now is the clicking; no, “chunking” of the foot switch buttons. It is quite noticeable to the audience; almost humorous! :slight_smile: It would be great if we were able to put quieter buttons on the foot switch.

Again, I love this device. It has added a transformative and irreplaceable new dimension to what I do!!! :slight_smile:

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You could replace the switches yourself with momentary SPST types. Highly recommend Carling switches as they are very durable but probably most importantly, quiet.

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If you have room, I would use the Boss FS-5U Pedals. They are very quiet and very durable. They will last forever. I had two already mounted on my pedalboard for my Boss RC-2 Loopers which I removed so I just made up a stereo plug for both and plugged it into the Beat Buddy. Nice and quiet. You can also fasten them together.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I would 2nd the Boss pedals. I’m using the FS-6 without problems.

How can I hook them both up to only one spot on the BB!

“so I just made up a stereo plug for both and plugged it into the Beat Buddy”

Here’s an insert adapter that works. it’s made to “insert” effects into a mixer
. It separates Tip Sleeve and Ring Sleeve of a Tip Ring Sleeve into two Tip Sleeve jacks.

I do as well. Way better footswitch. Only downside is it needs it’s own power to work.

Has anybody done this…? I would love to hear stories. I am very interested in how to silently user interface with my BeatBuddy and recently acquired Midi Maestro. The buttons are too loud; I’m starting to think I may be returning the MM for a different quieter device to use with my BB.
Please and thanks.

I don’t know of anybody that’s reported on if and how they replaced the switches in their MM pedals. I did a quick online search and could not find anything.

It would be good to find a video that identifies the parts and the steps to disassemble, remove old and install new switches and reassemble the pedal.


I control my BeatBuddy with my Line 6 Helix. Because each of my songs in the Helix has it’s own preset for the different amp models and effects that are used in that song, I use the instant MIDI commands which fire off when I select the preset to select the matching BeatBuddy song. So when I lay out my setlist on the Helix, it’s just a matter of selecting the next song which also selects the matching BeatBuddy song. Note that the song order on the Helix doesn’t have to match the song order in the BeatBuddy. I just select the BeatBuddy song by number in the Instant Command. I can also move presets around on the fly if I need to and it will work the same since the mapping to the BeatBuddy song is part of the preset.

If I need to select a song out of order I just use the Preset dial to select the song without using the stomp button and it all works like a champ. I also control all the operations of the BeatBuddy with MIDI commands on my Helix stomp buttons.