Rage against the machine...Killing in the name of

Hey Guys,

I’m really enjoying the led zep and floyd songs added lately. Thankyou to Persist and Phil Flood. Any chance anyone has or can create a drum track for this RATM song?


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Thankyou yet again. You are a really helpful person.

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Hey guys :wave:
Me on the hunt again…
Are there any more RATM sng files anywhere? Particularly bombtrack and take the power back? :crossed_fingers:

Thanks and appreciate the contributors to this awesome forum :pray:

I’ll see what I can can come up with.

Good songs. I play both. I downloaded the midi files from freemidi.org and then opened them up in the old Beatbuilder software to customize and save in BB format. I took out the long intro part of Bombtrack and gave it four clicks to start the song where the whole band kicks in. The “midi-file to Beatbuilder” has allowed me to add a lot of songs to my BB. And customize them in Beatbuilder if I want. I am not sure if Beatbuilder (created by a former member here) is still available. Persist will know!

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Thanks, I’ll have a look :eyes:


Thanks for the tracks! I’m about to try them out.

I’m also downloading the beatbuilder software so will have a go at creating some myself.

Happy Easter and thanks for your always prompt and friendly responses.


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Hi, I have downloaded java and the Beatbuilder software. I have downloaded a midi file and imported into Beatbuilder, but cant see any option to then save as .sng file??

Sorry if this is a noob question with an obvious solution, but I thought I would ask on here as its the easiest and best source of knowledge.


IIRC, BeatBuilder only saves as MIDI.

Peter, it saves as a midi-file. But you can load this file via BB Manager in a new song. It will work. I do not mess around too much with a song in Beatbuilder. But I do add four closed hi-hat clicks to start the track in measure one. Then I will leave four measures blank after the song ends and then put one measure of closed hi-hat clicks at the very end. This gives you four measures to stop the song with your foot. Otherwise the song will immediately start again with your one measure of closed hi-hats in measure one. Of course you can make parts longer if you desire, etc. I prefer to play a cover song identical to the studio version. Best of luck!