Ramble On - John Bonham Sound


I’m looking for the JB sound that he had on Ramble on. The 16ths tapping sound that is on the track with the acoustic guitar at the start.

I read somewhere that he tapped this out on a guitar case or a plastic bin of some kind.

I’ve tried bongos and the like but it is nowhere near the same. I need something that sounds flatter than bongos.

Any ideas on what I could use?

Kind regards


How about the real thing.

It’s actually quite easy to get samples from anywhere and use them in the beat buddy. I did this when I did the zippo sounds for “It’s Probably Me”. To get the Ramble on samples took me about 10 mins.

Sonetimes you might have to search around for a good sample but I found one first go. I just did a youtube search for ramble on drum sample and up popped Ramble on isolated drum track. I then used a youtube downloader program to download and convert to audio file. Next step open the audio up in Audacity and you have a visual of the audio wave for the hole track. I just zoomed in on the first like 15 seconds and you can see each hit that Bonham does. I used click and drag to select one hit sample at a time and then “Export selected Audio” and saved the sample as a wav file. I ended up with about 20 samples.

Once I was finished this I them seperated them into two groups depending on how loud the samples are and this will give you two different velocity values in your new instrument in drumset editor. Here are the samples.

Ramble On.zip

You are going to have to do the rest from here. If you are not sure about editing drumsets there are some video tutorials

But you need to get one of your existing drumsets and either add a new instrument or replace an existing one. Create the instrument and add the samples to the instrument. I put the samples in the folder into velocity 0-70 for the quieter samples and 71-127 for the louder samples and you can do that in the instrument editor.

I don’t have time to do a tutorial but there are others that can help on this bit or you can search the forum if you are unsure of editing drumsets

Cheers Stu!

That’s a massive help.