Ramble on Rose - Grateful Dead

In the spirit of Phil Flood’s uploading of Dead songs, as another Dead Head, I figured I’d share some of the Dead stuff I hadn’t posted previously.

A classic! Two versions included here:

v1: OPB: NP StdPBass 63-91
v2: OPBk: NP Big E-Piano and Bass C XXRp

RambleonRose.zip (24.2 KB)

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Hi, my name is Greg. Im a San Diego DH and am interested in sharing simple midi tracks that I’ve put together with some folks on this forum though it doesn’t have to be related to specific software/products. I use Reason primarily and typically just program put bass/drums.
Pardon my ignorance but is that what is going on here? Do I need to buy this pedal to use this software?
Can I put this in my regular software instead? Why do you guys record midi tracks merged so you can’t separate and assign? Again, thanks.

You can use the software without the pedal. The software is an emulation of the pedal. We merge the midi tracks, because the pedal only handles 1 128 note midi channel. So, what we do is build “drum kits” that contain drums + bass, +, many times, something else. For example, we keep the basic drum kit in the General Midi range, 35 through 59. Sometimes we keep the Latin pieces up to 72, and some kit makers use the full GM kit up to 82? I usually put the bass at 0 to 31, with a range of C1 to G3. Others use 62 through 91 for the bass. I assign keys to, for example, 60 through 96, and use 97 through 127 for horns or strings, or something else.

Ahhhh…I get it. I have some stuff that may interest you.
Any chance you can reach out to me? greg@gregvillemusic.com