Random Drum Kits

Here is a lot of modified user drumkits, and one of my own kits, Here is a recopilation and reboot of a lot of kits, please enjoy it


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Thank you Very Much.

I am new to BeatBuddy but noted on some User Forum songs provided the song reference Several other Drumkits.
NP Standard Pro Bass
NP SuperBassG
NP Ludwig Bass

Any suggestions on the source?

All my random drumkits doesnt have bass, only drumkits

Reathpd: the Standard Pro and Vintage Ludwig are premium kits so if you’ve bought them, post your request to a separate thread and someone will tell you what you need to do to get the NP kits with bass. Here’s a link to the NP SuperBassG kit (it contains 2 kits so don’t let the file name bother you): Dropbox - SUPERBASSG_P_NP.zip - Simplify your life


I was trying to play "I want to break free with this drum kit - NP SuperBassG kit - but I see that you are talking about Mod SuperbassG and this one I can’t find anywhere

What kit is that?

Thank you

Mod Superbass G = NP Superbass G. SuperbassG was modified from a kit where bass was treated as percussion, to one where the bass is non-percussion.

The NP SuperBass G and the Mod kit are the same kit.

thank’s for reply,

any idea why using this kit with "I want to break free"sounds wrong?

I’ll take a look at updating it. Stay tuned . . . .

Done: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/i-want-to-break-free-opb.655/

Replaced previous versions using a new MIDI source file: DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings) as well as new Chords & Lyrics; uses different kits than before.

Do you have any dub style kits or Portishead ,Massive Attack sounding kits with vinyl scratches etc . .I find that there is enough of the percussive kits etc etc

I don’t but Phil Flood has put something together (which I found by searching on “portishead” on the old Resources) http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/ambient-drums.2212/

it doesn’t have bass and you’ll have to customize your songs to take advantage of the scratch and whatever).

That dropbox link for NP SuperBassG leads to a page which says “404 That file isn’t here anymore”, unfortunately.

Persist, trying to locate this kit, clicked that link, but it goes to “deleted”…can you perhaps point me to another location?

Thank you

Sorry. I no longer have that kit. I think that some of the SuperBassG kits (the drum folder) in aashideacon’s 500 file might work

sorry m8, replied to this in an other thread by mistake - essentially just said all good, totally understand :slight_smile: