Randomly stops the loop

It just randomly switches to the view you would get to when stopping the loop completely.

I wasn’t even pressing any button. I would just sit in front of it and wait for it to happen.

It was updated to the newest version already when this happened.

This is why I’ll be sending it back… unfortunately.

Hi I’m sorry that you are having issues but I’m not sure I understand what you are reporting, could you please expand a little further and possibly share a video of the behavior?

The Aeros can only record for 10 min in stereo and 20 minutes in mono before saving for the first time (saving recovers usable memory in RAM).

If you record non stop and leave it for that amount of time or if you go over while recording you will receive a pop up warning you you are almost out of memory and another once you have run out of space.

The Aeros will commit and/or undo the track that has broken the rule. This is because the RAM could literally break if you record any further.

Please let me know what you experienced if possible thank you!

I played back a very simple loop, and then waited for it to happen. It would stop the loop, and then show the screen I would get when a loop is not started yet / stopped. The same screen I would get when I would stop the loop manually.

This didn’t happen for all loops, so I don’t know if I can reproduce it right away if I unpack it again.

It happened much faster than 10 minutes. Maybe after half a minute or something

It seems odd, definitely

Has it happened again?

If not maybe something else occurred, do you have any other devices connected to the Aeros via MIDI?

I think a midi clock was connected

Was the MIDI clock matching the Aeros’ internal tempo?

Does the MIDI clock send Stop commands by any chance?

It was matching the tempo first time I tried.

now it is not updating it anymore.

Here is a video: Dropbox - stops.mp4 - Simplify your life

It seems to correlate with how short the loop in Bitwig is, but still appears quite irregularly.

holy crap bitwig is sending stop messages via midi even though it continues to loop

There’s your reason!

Thanks for looking into it!

the tempo of the loop on the aeros changes when I change it in bitwig, but it will always display 100 though

How do you mean it changes but it shows 100bpm? How are you aware of the change if the BPM reads the same on the Aeros? Let me know thanks

I do not know about how compatible bitwig is with external products, have you tried other loopers with it?

The problem with starting and stopping were the “song position pointer” messages. The built in looper of my synth behaves the same way, sorry I should have checked that before posting here. I’m new to midi

If either “song position pointer” or “midi time clock” are on, the tempo is out of sync. The synth also seems to do that. Now idea what this is, I guess it is expected?

I can’t reproduce the problem with the Aeros showing 100bpm all the time anymore. It is updating the tempo now as I change it in Bitwig.

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