RAR format ?

I’ve downloaded accent hits but my computer can’t open the file. Where do I go to get this corrected. I have installed beat buddy on another laptop and I can not get accent hits working.

Google RAR

I have accent hits working on beat buddy pedal. But I have customized another SD card with my rearranged drum tracks and cannot get it on the new SD card because I need to put it in wav form. why is the download in rar format if the pedal takes wav.

RAR is a compressed format, once you unrar it (using free or cheap programs like WinRAR, ExtractNow, UnRar etc.) you’ll see the files as WAV files then you can use them with BB.

Thanks I did use winRAR and it worked fine thanks . I real appreciate the help .

how do I now end this post ?:slight_smile:

You simply stop responding :slight_smile: