Raspberry looper and midi controller for BeatBuddy


I’ve spent some time thinking about using the BeatBuddy with my set.

At the moment I had, mainly, 2 problems with the integration of beatbuddy.

a) The first is that I want to have a tempo controller for each part of the song, not the same time for all the songs. With the BBmanager I did not find a way to do it.

b) The second is that I would like to have a looper synchronized perfectly with BB (have as many parts in the looper as parts that I have in my BB song).

After a while thinking about these questions … I started a project with a rapsberry. At the moment I have a small beta. It is a small software in the rasp that manages a definition of the song list. Each song on the list has several parts and each part has its own rhythm, etc …

Therefore, I can manage the parts and times with just a “click”.

In the next steps I would like to do a standing controller and integrate a looper into the rasp.

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I would like to know about his Raspberry PI integration. Sounds very interesting project. Which Raspberry are you using?


I am using a rasp pi 3 b+… But I think that I coul use any rasp model.

The important think is that you will need a MIDI device in order to connect with the BB. The cheap solution would be a USB MIDI adapter.

In my case, I want to install a software looper in the rasp for my guitar, so I bought a rasp “hat” with Midi and Jack inputs and outputs.

Well… little by little we move forward on the project.

At this momment I have write a song manager mini APP in my rapsberry and I can navegate between the songs.

The app is synched with my BB throw MIDI. The app has defined the song parts and tempo assigned to each part song, so I can control the tempo of the songs and song partes separately.

The next step will be to integrate a soft looper in the raps.


Well… I have been working in my Project.

At this time I have a beta with a looper and beatbuddy controller.

The software has an internal songbook, so the rasp knows what song is playing, how many parts it has, what is the tempo (bpm) for each part…

All works more or less synched, with different loops and tempos.

In the youtube link has more information about the video.

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I have been resolving bugs and I have develope another interesting feature… A simple fade Out synched for my looper and BB.

It is allways difficult for me to end the jams with my BB. I think that a fade out feature is an easy way to finish a song… Perhaps BB could add this feature for other users.

I attach you my last video.



This looks great man! I hope Singular Sound hires you as a developer!