rattling inside my beatbuddy

help. as i was fixing the velcro on my pedalboard, i picked up the pedal and, it sounds like a couple of bolts are loose on the inside. it still works, but, i’m concerned. i don’t want to open it up, as i have no idea what’s supposed to be in there.
the sn: BB0001320.
please help. i’m a working singer/songwriter in Nashville, and I NEED my Beatbuddy.

Check the headphone volume wheel from outside, some of those lost the screw. Not much to be afraid of taking the back cover off to investigate, just don’t drop anything to some place where you can’t recover it. Over a towel on a table top is a good place.

thanks. you’re right. i checked, and, the wheel is gone. I don’t want to risk voiding the warranty by taking it apart. i hsave sent an email, so, hopefuly i can get it fixed soon.
thanks for the reply,

Read volume screen keeps popping up post. Most users are fixing there own volume wheel problem. Also search forum for volume wheel.

The Maracas sound in the beat buddy has been found.

@jbrown - You will not void the warranty by opening up the BeatBuddy. In this particular case, we actually recommend trying to fix it yourself, because the process is simple, and should only take 5-10 minutes (versus waiting longer for us to repair it and send it back to you).

What needs to be done is to open up the bottom panel of your unit (it’s held together by three screws), and you will find the volume wheel inside. There is a very tiny screw that’s supposed to go into the center of the wheel when placed in position, so hopefully that is there as well. If you do not find that screw, we will send you one.

See image below:


I was thinking about open up my BB at the end of March when my warranty runs out to replace the 4 poor quality 1/4 "jacks but seeing now on this image that they are mounted directly on the board that is going to be a no no !