RC-300 drums sound better than the BB on my amp

Whats the use if I have to play the BB on a Pa or another system? I need it together!
The drums sound better on the RC 300, through my clean channel by far? Wow waist of 350

I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding a buyer.

I wouldn’t sell it to my enemies the way it sounds,
Now is there a better way to plug it in my chain?

What are you playing it through? What settings? What don’t you like about the sound?

I’m playing through a clean channel Blackstar 40w amp into a RC-300 Loop station and its coming out very muddy, should I run it differently from what the Manual says?

Should I get the keyboard amp for it?
But how do I run it all?

mine sounds best going from the headphone jack out to a Voicelive 3 to the mixer and the pa, I have a Bose. B4 I bought the Bose, I used my bass amp, it sounded great through it, it sounds amazing through the Bose. Great drum sounds and I am always adding new beats to it.

Run it through a PA system on its own channel.

You should get something besides a guitar tube amp to run it through. On the low end, a used keyboard amp (e.g. KB300) or powered speaker (e.g. Alto 12 or 15 inch) would better. There are other threads with some good suggestions of varying price levels:


Or here:


Would I like the Roland KC 550?

That one should work just fine. :slight_smile: