RC-300 Midi Sync WITHOUT Start/Stop

Hi Guys,

i am new to the world of BB and i have read so much about it right now but still can’t get on.

At first i want to thank Dennis wo, with all of his posts, helped me so much.

I figured out how to Sync my RC-300 (Master) to the BeatBuddy (Slave) and it works perfectly.

Is it somehow possible to disable the Start and Stop function? Basically what i want to do is record a loop without being forced to play the beat buddy - i want to integrate it later. The mute Pause doesn’t fix my problem as the beat buddy starts to play as soon as i start to record a fresh loop

I hope one of you guys can help me with my problem.

All the best from Germany!

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Thanx, I´m always glad when I can help.
Yes, you can disable recieving Midi start in Settings Menue - Main Pedal - Midi settings - Midi in - Start, but I am running on FW 1.75 (I think), which is previously unreleased. You can contact Support, they will send you.
But be aware, BB always starts immediately when you press (or release, depending on your settings) and will not wait for any clock commands. Starting BB will be out of sync… (BTW a good topic for feature requests…)
Greetings back, also from Germany

Hi and thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I think the Midi Start setting only changes what gets startet not if it starts, unfortunately.

Is it any different in the newer FW?

I want it to be clocked, to stay in sync but not start automatically when i record the loop.
It does exactly what i want after I recorded the first loop, but thats where the problem ist.

I want to use the Boss Integrated Hi-Hat to record and put the beat buddy in afterwards, so it can be in Sync with the recorded loops.

all the best and thanks :slight_smile:

Adrian, I am new here as well and would be interested in how you got the Beat Buddy to sync up with the RC-300. I have tried several times with no success. Thanks…

Connect the Midi out of the rc 300 to the Midi in of the Beatbuddy (and only Connect this cable!!) and set the midi settings in your rc 300 to internal - it should work fine

If it doesn’t work let me know and I will send you a video

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Adrian, I have tried the procedure that you described, several times, and it would not work for me. I even tried a factory reset in case there was an errant control selected that might affect the MIDI controls. It seems that what you described has worked for others but not in my case.

this video perfectly explains everything in my opinion, start watching at 08:30

Hi! I recently acquired my beat buddy and I am trying to incorporate it to my roland gr 55 and boss rc300, I have the exact wish as this thread began, as I would like the beat buddy not to start with start stop button of rc300, again the same problem the pause wont do it and turning it off every time is just not practical, also having tons of trouble using the cc change commands, cause in the BB all the #cc begin at a 100 and over, whereas the RC only has up to 95 #cc, this is really frustrating cause the BB does have a mix volume #cc command and that would be the perfect solution, I have tried with several RC #cc banks randomly to see if by some miracle I just hit the jackpot and no luck so far, even worst, they seem to work randomly if I assign lets say #cc #7 to my exp pdl 1 in the RC which is usually the volume control command in most midi devices as I go back and forth sometimes it will control the tempo, others a fill, transition ultimately sometimes it just gets stuck in a transition forever needles to say I´ve pretty much given up on trying to send CC commands from the RC 300 , so yes , I wish someone would help us cause just as AdrianGer I am not yet willing to always use the BB on everysong I play, so I do need a start and stop function that I can stomp on. Please someone help us!!!

The last time I saw a supposed sentence this long, I think I was reading Faulkner. It didn’t make much sense then either.

ha ha ha , well im sorry , I explained my problem the best i could. :smiley:

Wow @AdrianGer - AWESOME video showing how its done. Amazing remake of this song. Superb vocals. Very cool tones and setup here. Perfection. So so So well done. Would be cool to see some vids including the beat buddy as well. Keep it up!!

@[SIZE=4]grajedam [/SIZE]

Grajedam - you could seek out member ‘Brian Neumann’ over on the Beat Buddy Facebook forum. He figured out how to get the BB and the RC-300 to sync perfectly after MANY trials and hours tweaking it. I asked him to make a video and he said he would to help explain it but so far not yet…but you could ask him:

It’s a shame that it takes RC300/BB users MANY hours of trial and error to get their looper to work with the BeatBuddy. It should not be this hard. It’s also not good that RC300 owners don’t have a forum as helpful as this one. Hoping that Brian will share how he got it all working. I’ll be more than happy to make it a Sticky thread. Until then, I’ll stick to my opinion that the RC300 MIDI works with the BeatBuddy as urban myth or wishful thinking.

Persist - 100% agree.

thanks! I will try to reach him

This was the only video on YT that talked about using the RC-300 with the BB but I think he has the RC-300 as the master instead of the BB as the master, which is what you really want if you want to avoid the issues, but I could be wrong.

Hope “Brian Beumann” can resolve this and provide details for those RC-300 users out there with this headache issue.

RC-300 will not slave. It has to be the master.

Bonjour. Pourriez-vous me dire comment faire pour synchroniser le RC300 et le beatbuddy car je n y arrive pas.
Merci beaucoup

Please translate to English so that we all can understand and try to help.

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