RC 600 manual is available

I had a quick look at the RC 600 manual last night. It does appear that the device is able to midi sync as a slave with a non-Roland/Boss product. I did not, however, see any song loading capabilities. It may be in there; I too a real quick look. It’s also not at all clear that the “rhythm” could be changed within a song. The functions of its “rhythm converter”, which is the process to bring in your own beats, is not explained.

I certainly do not see it as being a BB killer. It does seem like a very deep looper with loads of effects, but I am very skeptical that it would suit all the demands of serious Aeros users that I see on this Forum.

This is what they say
Here’s what you can do when you connect the RC-600 via USB to
your computer.

  • Back up the RC-600’s data to your computer.
  • Restore (recover) backup data from your computer to the
  • Use BOSS TONE STUDIO to import or back up loop phrases
    (audio files).
  • Use the dedicated rhythm converter if you want to import and
    use your original rhythm patterns on the RC-600.

But the recording time is 1.5 hours for 1 track, Multiple tracks split the time I guess

I was a boss rc50 user before buying Aeros. RC50 is also a 3 track looper workstation with the same operating system as the RC300 and probably RC 600.
Boss’s loop pedal may not have “cool functions” such as updating through WIFI or a color big screen. But it has useful functions that Aeros don’t have and won’t have in the next year considering their updating frequency.

Let me give you a few examples
It has a powerful audio rotating function. I can individually set the output of each track and also the input. On RC50, there is only one stereo input, but I can split it into two mono inputs, one for my guitar track, one for my base track. I think I will never see this function on my Aeros.
It can change the tempo of already recorded tracks, which users Community ask for a long time.
It can change songs immediately and easily. On Aeros, I need tap, tap, tap, scroll, tap tap, and wait for loading.
There are many details in the RC series that make it more easy-use and stable than AEROS.

I buy an Aeros Loop because it has 6 tracks, looks cooler, and can probably have some great features in the future. But So far, its operating system still has bugs and freezes. The update frequency is very slow, unlike a company with a development team.

If you don’t have the beat buddy, RC600 is definitely an Aeros killer. Aeros has great potential, but the question is when will it come into play.

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That is the $700.00 question!

Unfortunately it seems you may have inadvertently posted in the wrong forum section.
More like the wrong forum altogether.
The Boss forum is over there on the other side of the internet.

I don’t get it. I don’t come here looking for Boss info. I would go to the Boss website if I was so inclined.
I already bought into the Aeros. I come here for my SS products info. After all, it is their site.

Either way I personally find it pretty rude when people do this on competing sites.
Bad taste is all.
Lighting fires like spoiled children.

Hey SS, look what your competitor is doing and your not.
They created a product that they felt would do well. They don’t have magic balls to give them a heads up what other products will do in the future.

Keep looking for the greener grass. You will find it is futile and never-ending because there is always a new one just around the corner.

Go ahead and buy the Boss. Just get ready for the one that trumps it. Although the Aeros already does.

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The release of the RC-600 had already been discussed on the Forum. At the time it was mentioned, I indicated I would reserve my opinion of it vs. the Aeros until the manual was available. Well, now the manual is available.

My feeling is that it is not going to be the be-all, end-all looper that many of the soundscape users here want the Aeros to be. However, I also think it benefits Singular to see what the competition has produced since the Aeros is still a product under development. Maybe there is something in the 600 that we’d like to see in the Aeros.

The fact is that Boss produces finished products that get very few subsequent updates. What you buy is what you get. For most of their products, they keep producing drivers for a good number of years to keep the product relevant. With the Aeros, Singular is still working some things out.

Some had mentioned that the built in rhythms and the ability of import a rhythm could be a something that “kills” the BB/Aeros combo. I don’t see that. As best as I can tell, the 600 will only allow one rhythm pattern to be loaded. This does not match the BB’s capability of having multiple song parts. That’s just one example.

Providing info about another product is not a slap at Singular. Many folks here have other loopers than the Aeros, and use them with their BB products. And there have been plenty of questions on this forum along the lines of “how can I use this Singular product with this non-Singular product.” Even the idea of using the Aeros with another looper has been discussed.

So, I apologize if getting information and becoming educated rubs you the wrong way.


I have about 7 loopers. I use 3 at one time. In the context of using them together is fine.
Its just when people start lighting the fires for a product already released.
The hardware is what it is. How far the software can go is a different story and to be seen.

I bought my Kemper many years ago. It was up and downs but it has had incredible updates even up until now. You just have to stick it out and see what they can do. Or go safe and mediocre like Boss.

It was more so some other threads that were definitely not talking about how they can be used together. More so whether people should jump ship or for shoppers to not buy at all, beating up the product. Saying hey look what the Aeros may not do compared to a competitor on their own site is just wrong in my eyes. Especially when the Aeros was released first.

When people go on a forum and do these things it isn’t helping our cause.
The more sales the more resources. Hopefully more software people.
Either get behind them or don’t buy a product until it gives you what it claims and or what you want.

I am not talking about you directly. I just saw this thread as an extension to the one that started with comparing the new Boss and claiming it would be better.

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