Re-pitched samples?

Has anyone else had issues with Beat Buddy re-pitching samples? I’ve noticed it now with a bunch of samples that use high frequencies such as claps, shakers and tambourines.

In my process, I create an identical kit in both BBM and Ableton Live using a mix of Singular Sound samples and Splice / other bought samples.

I’e had this issue before with a clap, but found when I changed the clap sample it corrected itself.

I now have a new kit which sounds great in Ableton, but then I export the midi files into BBM and my shaker and tambourines don’t just sound a little different, they’re about a 5th lower.

I’ve found that if I use an online converter (wav to wav) using PCM_S16LE (uncompressed) at 44100Hz, my tambourines are at normal pitch again.

I’m assuming the 16 in the PCM_S16LE is referring to 16 bit? does the BB not like anything above?

Hey there,

It likely has to do with the type of wav file exported. You are likely using RF64 format of .wav, which is not compatible with the BB Manager/ BeatBuddy. It needs to be a regular WAV file.