Read-Only Tracks

It would be really great to have a way to mark tracks as read-only, i.e. ignore the ROP button.

My use-case is that I use the Aeros in a modular synth setup where tracks are recorded and kept for weeks or months while a song is being developed, e.g. a bass line track. The problem is that on occasion (perhaps after a beer or whatever) I mistakenly overdub or clear a track that I meant to keep. Usually, this is because I wasn’t looking and I recorded over the wrong track, and I tried to correct it and realized after that the wrong track was selected. Read-only would act as my safety.

My setup is DAW-less so today, my backup solution (which I haven’t tried) is to shutdown my Aeros, take my card out and walk over to my old Mac notebook, turn it on, and copy the song. Then walk back and turn the Aeros back on. That workflow is a bit disruptive, creatively.


If you don’t press the save button, can’t you switch to another song and back to revert?

In my experience, no. The track is saved regardless of whether you say yes or no in the save dialog. I’ve lost more than a few tracks and have definitely selected “No” in the dialog.

I’ve posted in a few other topics about this. What I believe is a bug, seems to only be reproducible in this long term many clear/overwrite scenario that I describe with the DAW-less synth workflow. Read-only is a useful workaround feature because the many overwrite use-case is not supported (not-a-bug).

There should be a “safety” toggle feature in the mixer. Weather it is per song per part or per track I don’t know (Preferably per track.) With other loopers I have used if you save a song and then destroy it the song is still there after a restart because you never saved over it. Also backing up in your Daw requires more extra time as each and every loop needs to be edited or it won’t align in your daw for later work. As far as I know SS will not flag any of these issues here in the forum for future consideration. for reasons…

Yep, Singular did pick up my forum request for Snap-To-Unity right away and implemented it. I’m sure they get a lot of requests and have to consider things in the context of what is easy vs. hard, what needs to be done ASAP and what makes sense as a feature in the larger scheme of what they have on their roadmap.

I’m being creative about my lost tracks problem and am trying to find a simple solution that may find its way into the roadmap.