Real Book Vol. 5

Henceforth in my jazz postings, I will use Real Book Vol. 5 as my source. This is a kind of standard among jazz players, and I had not had the good fortune of obtaining a copy of it until earlier this weekend. In my search for that book, I came across a book previously unknown to me, “The Creole Jazz Band.” It is supposed to be pre-1923 songs, but I can’t be certain. Anyhow, cool book. I also learned of a 6 book series, the Spaces fake books. I have not been able to find copies of those for purchase or download. If anyone comes across them, please message me. I am also looking for a discounted copy of Real Book vol. 4 for C instruments. A pdf would be fine for my purposes. In some ways, it’s preferable. Thanks.

Spaces available on Scribd-depends on your ethical viewpoint!!try free trial.