Really interested in BB

Sorry in advance: I didn’t see a new user intro forum. I will be getting a Beat Buddy within the next couple of months hopefully. I’m currently in a duo right now with a bass player, and we switch off singing. There will also be times when it’ll be me solo. I think the BB can really add to both gigs. I especially think the OPB files will help alot-I also use a looper to lay down rhythm guitar to solo over, and plan on eventually adding a harmonizer as well. I used to scoff at all of these as not being real players, until I saw some solo acts on cruise ships who really filled out the song with all of these tools.

I do have a question: on the files that include bass…is it possible to make a copy of the file, go into an editor, and remove the bassline, so I would have a copy with it and one without it?


An easier way to do this might be to just use drum sets with no bass. If you don’t want bass on an OPB song, change to a non-bass drum set; when you want the bass, just use the NP drum set with bass.

Thanks, wasn’t aware it was that simple. Great info!

Hi Mark, a little tip if you want to get a head start before buying the pedal. You can download the Beatbuddy Manager program and jump straight into seeing how it works, setting up songs, creating setlists, editing stuff etc and then when you do get a pedal you just export to the pedal and you are ready to go straight up.

Just ordered! Can’t wait to get BB integrated into our sets!