Reaper/Beat Buddy Help

I’m trying to do more with Reaper and Beat Buddy. I’ve got a couple of questions with one Beat Buddy Specific.

I’m able to get sound by opening “Route” going to “Midi Hardware Output” and selecting “Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth”. That’s the only option and it comes up as all percussion. My questions:

  1. I need to go through this process each time. Is there anyway to save it as a default?
  2. If I want to edit a song that has “with Bass”, how can I alter reaper to make it sound like the tracks with Bass?

Any help would be appreciated! This may be one of the few opportunities where I have an extended time to learn Reaper during our social distancing phase in the US.

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You can save it to a REAPER project template (File / Project templates) and load the template every time you create a new project. It will save the track settings (MIDI Output, others)

What I usually do is split the BB MIDI file to 2 tracks in REAPER:

  • Bass Track - set MIDI Channel to 2, Program Change to Bass Instrument
  • Drum Track - set MIDI Channel to 10

These 2 tracks are under a folder track that has the “Route / MIDI Hardware Ouput” setting, see below for the screenshot of my template project. To export the REAPER MIDI tracks to BB MIDI file , click “File / Export Project MIDI”. I’ll be happy to share my project file if interested. Hope this helps!


Thanks - I’d live your template. I couldn’t figure out how to get the GS Wavetable Synth to look like yours.

Another question, I re-editted High and Dry as the middle was a little off in what I had. I want to export it to the NP StdBass 63-91 kit. How do I do that? The midi file I exported is all weird.

Figured it out. I had to “transpose” the track where the bass files were up to the right midi numbers. If there’s an easier way, let me know. Lot of work but proud that it’s accomplished!

You’re on the right track Bootsy. If I have lots of tinkering to do with a mixed BB MIDI file I usually ‘Save As’ then delete everything from the file except for one instrument (for instance saving as just the bass) then reopen the original file and do the same for the other instruments.

Some downloads will parse themselves when you open them in REAPER I think. I created .txt files for the main kits I use from what the creator had provided or by opening the drum kit in BBMgr and noting each channel. The .txt file can be opened in the piano roll view in REAPER (File>Note/CC Names>Load Note/CC Names from File and open from wherever you stored the .txt).

This way you can see where the bass notes are and whether they fit the kit you chose. Select all by sweeping the pointer across the field (or using select all if this is single instrument file) then put your mouse in the channel label for the lowest note and the box top left will tell you what the channel number. You can simply transpose that amount up or down.

Sometimes if notes don’t fit I transpose them separately or delete them as needed for a good outcome.

I’m getting there…slowly but surely and one step at a time.

@Cygnus49 - if you’re still willing to share that template , it might help

New question: I went to add bass notes to Can’t You See. There weren’t any before. I took an existing bass track from another song. Then just moved the notes to where I wanted them and the length. Questions:

  1. Is there a more efficient way?
  2. The first note when it cycles back sounds muddy. Almost as if two notes are playing at the same time. Any idea as to what happened? EDIT: I was able to fix the muddy note by eliminating a “C” note before the D in the last beat of the last measure.

Here’s the 9 templates I structured. A few I use only on a song or two but the others are indispensable now. Bose Jazz and 2164 Hammond for keys mostly and my hybrid drums+bass kit using Ottawa Joe’s modifications of the lower drums and Phil Flood’s rework of the PBass (from my favorite 2164 kit) shown as Std_JVPFBass_MPB.

I learned about crafting these kit lists from Persist’s tutorial. The lists are tedious to build - easy to get careless after mindlessly overwriting a long file - but indispensable.

I play bass and flute on our take of Can’t You See so we just use stock drums (Pop 10 @ 87 bpm with my hybrid kit - delete the intro and start on the 2nd x through octave up with the flute with pedal push) and that works well once I practiced and got comfortable with pausing/unpausing. The part is pretty easy and repetitive so should be a good one to start with. Sometimes the end of exported loops (REAPER>BB) get a bit off so make sure you expand the end of the loop in REAPER and see that it ends where you think it does.

When in doubt do as I do - call on Persist.


Here’s a copy of the template, see description below. Track 2 (Bass) is set up to match with the BB Bass notes 63-91, no need to transpose. I’ve also included some MIDI items in the project. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Track 1 - GS Wavetable Synth, Route to Microsoft GS Synth, track folder
  • Track 2 - Bass, set to MIDI Channel 1, transpose to -36 for Bass 63-91, Electric Bass
  • Track 3 - Drums, set to MIDI Channel 10

REAPER Template - GS WSynth for (2.4 KB)