I’ve been using DAW\sequencers since the early 80s…

I set up Reaper on my machine a few years back, but never really got into the flow of using it. Not so much because of anything fundamentally wrong with Reaper. Sound problems, and other issues kept me away.

When I got my Beatbuddy I was desperate to get back to recording - out came Reaper, updated it, and found some very helpful tutorials supplied by Reaper Mania (Kenny Gioia ) .

If you use Reaper then his tutorials (search on youtube Reaper Mania) will be of great benefit.

I’ve learned to use, and customise, Reaper like a boss. It is such a powerful tool, and the guys that develop it, and the user community, are fantastic.

Well worth checking out for your music and to help record your Beatbuddy + you.

There, enough Reaper worship for now - time to make some coffee.

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