Rearranging buttons via Android

I’ve asked about this on a post where a mod had been participating, with no response, and I sent email to support (also no response), so I thought I would try in general.

Has anyone had any success rearranging buttons on the Midi Maestro based on the default Beat Buddy mode? I’m running the latest firmware and have the latest default modes loaded. I open a custom mode, base it on the BB mode template, and then drag the BB Start → button down to the position corresponding to lower left. It swaps places with the button there and when I save it to the MM, the buttons show up in the proper places. I did the same for the second page, rebooted the MM after saving, and then loaded Custom mode.

But …

… when I press the BB Start -->> button in the new location on the custom menu, it just redirects to the second page and doesn’t actually start the Beat Buddy playing. What am I missing? Has anyone else made this work?

(On a side note, I’m very impressed with all the Singular Sound products and the frequent updates. The products are breaking new ground and are very useful tools, in my opinion. But the customer support, apps, and documentation are all sorely lacking. It’s one thing to have a great product, but the support needs to be there, too.)

Thanks for any help that anyone can provide.


Unusual to hear that Support has not responded. This could be due to a backlog where he’s working through the first-in first-out pile of stuff in his inbox or, his reply might have been moved to your email spam folder. Either way, I’ve tagged both @BeatBuddy_Support and @BrennanSingularSound

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Jay replied back a few hours after you posted this response and said they had found a similar issue. Thanks for tagging them!

Just add the command for “Start song” that’s all

If you want, there is a better way,
Just set the Main pedal of the BB on One footswitch of the Maestro
With this commands you have
Start -Fill- Transition- Outro on one MM switch , very useful to save switches

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Thank you, @NYHC. I’ll give those suggestions a shot.


@NYHC Thanks for the tip about the Start Song bit. That’s working correctly now after I found and loaded the Start Song command for BB, and your screenshot helped me get a “Switch Parts” button working for two part songs. I’m going to work on a fill button now, too.

Later I may play around with the single button config you suggested, but part of what I’m trying to do is avoid holds and double-presses. I can do that with the main pedal button if I want to do it that way.

Thanks again!

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We are here to help each other!
Glad I could help you !

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