Rearranging The Foot Switch Functions

I keep hitting the bottom row of foot switches as well as the top when I only want the top row.
As the top row, in Beat Buddy mode, have the most used functions (Start/stop, next/previous part) I would find it easier, with less mistakes, if the functions of the top and bottom rows were swapped.
Is it possible to rearrange the functions?

Hey there, it isn’t currently possible to do this without making your own custom BB mode in the app. The MIDI Maestro app for the Android is out! Sadly, due to COVID-19 we lost the dev for iOS, we are currently looking for another dev to host and launch the iOS version, so we ask for you patience in this regard!

Hope this helps!

any updates on the this topic?

Hey there, unfortunately there has not been much progress in finding a new iOS developer, that being said the Android app is working very well and development is moving forward. There has been some slow down with Google’s approval of updates due to COVID, however.

But one of the many things we are working on is adding the BB mode “template” to the app for users to tweak it as they’d like.

That would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

What are your thoughts on being able to control volume of midi notes over an entire song. Like being able to bring the overall volume of hi hats down all at once? Or better yet a default volume when entering notes That would be awesome.

I’d suggest you open a new feature request where you detail what you would like from this feature

Yes please.
I would like to be able to bring the most used foot.switch functions (start/stop & next part) to the front, not the rear as they are now, of the pedal. I keep making clumsy stomps on two switches trying to get to the rear switches.

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I’m not sure I agree that the Android app is working “very well.” I wanted to do the same thing as @BRIAN_POTTS, and after updating the MM firmware to 1.1.6 and updating modes, I tried to create a custom mode from the Beat Buddy template. I dragged the BeatBuddy Start → button to the bottom left position on Page 1, then dragged Previous Part and Next Part to the bottom center and bottom right positions, then uploaded to the MM.

I switched to custom mode and all the button assignments were right, but pressing the BeatBuddy Start → button in its new location did nothing except redirect to Page 2. I’m using the Android app version 1.3.9. What am I missing?

Thanks for any help.

Hey there,

Version 1.4.x for the Android is nearly complete and will fix many of the issues seen so far. It will fix all if not most of the issues encountered with template creation.

The current internal version being tested already solved many of the issues we are not far from a release.

The goal currently is to shift focus to the redesign which will be released without major issues present and will have a strong redesign that will allow for faster creation and better asset management.

There will be more info very soon,

Thank you for your feedback.

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Hi Brennan,

Thanks for the reply. I was able to get the buttons I wanted on the bottom row with @NYHC’s help and they are working, but it would sure be much more comforting to be able to count on buttons retaining their settings when copied from the templates or moving them around.

I’m also glad to hear that the UI is changing. I think I’ve figured out all the basic steps I need to follow to use custom commands, but it will be nice when it’s more intuitive.

Thanks for your help and hard work!


This version is a very bugged version, we had to use different developers to get it to the finish line (what is currently being tested). There will be a release with fixes shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi Brennan, I’ve just bought the midi maestro and I have the same issue as mentioned above, I wish to re-position commands or change commands (ie, change accents to fills). I wish this however to be in beatbuddy mode, not custom mode.
Are you any closer to finishing the redraft of the android app so we can make these changes?

Hey there,

The latest version of the Android app found on the App Store and Play Store and has fully functional templates, you can also rearrange button setups within a page.

Thanks for this Brennan. Are there any video tutorials helping us to do this? I’m not that familiar with midi and afraid of doing something that’s going to screw up either the MM or the beatbuddy. All I want to basically do is rearrange and change a couple of functions in the beatbuddy mode. Can you help?

I can help with some things, but for one on one help it’s best to reach out to for assistance. You can also read our manual which details how to use the app.

To keep it brief, when in the My Custom Modes page, create a new mode, then, you will be asked whether it is based on the Aeros or BeatBuddy Default mode or if it will not be based on a template (‘Blank’).

Choose BeatBuddy, then, you can rearrange buttons within their current pages (there are up to 10 pages) by pressing and holding to drag and drop them where you want them.

You can open any button up and edit the commands being sent, and, if on Android, can re-arrange the commands in the list.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Brennan, thanks so much. Got that sussed & working. It’s on the custom mode which is OK, would have preferred it to be in the beatbuddy mode but hey, I’ve got the buttons where I need them now. Thanks for your help.


Just a reminder you can have multiple custom modes on your phone, you just can only load one to the Maestro at a time, if you would prefer to edit the template based on the BeatBuddy mode instead to try it out, it is a totally non-destructive process to create a new custom mode on your phone and load it to MM, you still have the other mode on your phone.

Let me know if maybe I misunderstood your issue!

No it’s great the info you gave me Brennan as I’ve now been able to reconfigure the beatbuddy controls/switches to how I would like them. Thanks for the help.

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My pleasure!