Rebel Rebel OPBh 2017-08-09 - David Bowie

Designed for 2.0.4 or greater

NP Standard Bass Horns kit

Package includes song file, lyric sheet, midi map and working file.

Download Here


First off, thanks for this track! I debuted it last week and have recieved big thumbs up.
So, I am using NP Rock with bass 2-28 for my Drum Set (not a fan of the horns on these sets). So I’m using my Taylor 214ce dlx Acoustic/Electric running through a PlayAcoustic Pedal into a JBL Eon One. It’s an acoustic rock show for sure. This track is a banger though, well put together! I’m just adding guitar and vocal to it and it works well.

I am new to BeatBuddy and this is the first song I have tried to install that wasn’t part of of the packages.
The main drum beat sounds great.
However there are a couple of things I am confused about. When the song first starts there is complete silence. Then if I step on the pedal again I can hear the main drum pattern. However I can’t exit this pattern. Double-tapping doesn’t stop the song the way it does with paid for content.
Is it just me? Or is it something about the way the file is configured?

the title say it already, it is a one press song with bass (OPB), have you tried a three times press to stop it?

I have only had the BeatBuddy a few days so I am still learning. I saw in another forum post that user created content can be a bit different from the BeatBuddy beats. I’ll have to learn the terminology that everyone uses and the abbreviations.
I’ll try the triple press stop and see if that works. Otherwise I’ll connect a FS-6 footswitch and see if that gives me some more options.