Rebooting drums

On a few occasions, in thé middle of à song my BB stops and reboots the drum kit. Any ideas please.

Download and install firmware 1.8.5.

Make sure the power source is connected firmly.

Thanks Persist,
The power supply is fine. but I do need to install the latest firmware and
hopefully this will solve the problem.

Also try a clean rebuild of your SD card.

This is solved by the firmware update. If this continues to happen after you updated your firmware, please send me an email:

My firmware is 1.4.1. Is the latest 1.8.5?
Reading threads in the forum there seems to be some issues with 1.8.5.

It’s rare for BeatBuddys with firmware 1.85 to have this reboot issue, as that was one of the bugs that was fixed in that update. Download and install the new firmware for your BeatBuddy:

If the issue continues to happen even after the firmware update, let me know.