recommend a beat for Sunny Afternoon?

I’ve been hunting through and cannot really find one that is suitable. Any ideas?


Your mean the Ray Davies masterpiece? Can’t think of anything in the BB beats library that fits. It’s a fairly unique beat. I might post a one-press here soon, when I’ve finished working on The Joker (Steve Miller Band). :slight_smile:

Sunny Afternoon.

Legend!! you guys rock thanks heaps…I was juts going to do it with my stomper ( ) pedal… this will make it far more interesting.

Yeah, The Kinks had some great tunes!! Seems there is one that Mike OC linked, but if you can come up with a variation, that’s cool too!

I’ve got a MIDI source file that I’ll work up into DOP and OPB.

Cool, that would be really nice!


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Beautiful! Thanks much for that one.