Recommendation for free beginner MIDI editor

I want to have a go at editing MIDI files to use on my BB. I am 100% new to this so not sure how easily I will understand it or stick at it so would prefer not to pay out any cash at the moment.

So I am open to recommendations.

Reaper. Reaper all day long.

Free until you decide you love it and buy it. Which you should. At least, you should if you decide you love it.

Others have other favorites and will chime in here shortly, I am sure.


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Other DAWs to consider (no particular order) and suggested by forum users:

  1. Anvil Studio
  2. Cakewalk
  3. MidiEditor
  4. Presonus Studio
  5. Reaper

There are tutorials for Reaper and LogicPro X (not free and is Mac only; try GarageBand to get an idea of the interface) posted to this forum.

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