Recommendations for Small Dedicated Amp

I thought it might be useful for users to suggest small, very portable amps that they have used as dedicated amps with their Beat Buddies, where they cannot (or do not) plug into either a PA or their guitar amps. Preferably, ones that amplify the BB so that it sounds as realistic as possible.

(Why am I asking? Because I used it in one of the channels of a Deluxe Reverb live and need another solution.)

Keyboard amp should do fine with the Deluxe Reverb. If your at home, a pair of studio monitors should do the trick. Doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, just enough power to keep up.

+1 on the studio monitors

I use my Roland AC33 and it works great.

I nice set of over the ear headphones will give you fantastically rich sound, and won’t wake the neighbors, wife, or baby.

Yeah, but then I have to buy headphones for the whole audience.:rolleyes:

I use a acoustic guitar amp - Marshall AS50D. Sounds decent.

The TC Helicon Voicesolo FX150 has some very good features and great sound for its size.

I am assuming that a decent small guitar amp will give you a good sound even though plugging direct into a PA system might also be good. The only problem with a PA would be drums all over the place and that would not be like a real set of drums usually placed “Center Stage”. That’s where an amp should be placed for the Beat Buddy. Setting up two small amps is even better to get the stereo effect of the whole set of drums as it is in true life. This would be the most suggested way to do it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

My own personal setup at home (since I don’t play out anymore) is I have all kinds amps but I get the best sound running the Guitar signal through both sides of the BB then direct into a Tone/Volume Control Box I built, then to a JamMan Delay Looper, into an Alesis MultiMix 4 channel mixer out to a Kustom 72 Coupe Amp Clean channel and to a Fender Deville 212 Clean for both channels. This gives me the equalization and total volume control of everything including my pedalboard where the Beat Buddy is the last pedal in line except for the looper. I get a total balanced sound this way and control the volume output with my big toe if needed. With making the volume correction to the drum beats in Beat Builder, I am able to achieve a nice balanced sound between drums and guitar at the main output with little adjustment. It works for me very well and if I were to playout anywhere, I would be all set up. I can also record direct out of the Alesis Mixer to a PC or Recorder. Very nice setup and everything is quiet too.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I use a HK Lukas Nano 600. It’s great.

If “very portable” is your main criteria, then how about trying them through a little Roland Micro Cube. I’ve blasted my BB through one a few times and it has sounded great. Especially with a little, amp provided, reverb and phasing/flanging for that epic, eighties rock sound :wink:

I use a Kustom KBA16 at home… It’s a small keyboard amp. Live, I play everything direct.

I just went to an open mic session at a local bar and a singer was using a small dedicated keyboard amp for his BeatBuddy. It sounded fantastic. When I started thinking about it, a keyboard amp is a fuller fidelity amp. Roland makes several good ones and I’ve seen them advertised used at good prices. Let us know what you come up with.

Definitely full range speakers…monitors or keyboard amps…I’m using EV ZLX-12P…sound is full and clear…easy to carry and meets your ‘realism’ requirement…

I’d go with a Mackie Thump 15.

Yo, Thumper ;- ) 1000W comin’ at 'cha

For open mics and coffee houses. This is what I use.

Nice for $99. I used a Samson XP300 for years and years. With a variety of drum machines.

If you are at all fussy about your sound, it’s probably going in and trying your beat buddy through a few in a shop. I got a powered monitor that was about $100, sound isn’t great, but it’s good enough to play along with at home.