record beatbuddy in garageband

I want to record a song in Garageband, but can I use my BeatBuddy instead of GarageBand drums?

Yep. You can simply run the signal out from the BB into Garageband as another input. How exactly depends on your setup but think of the BB as nothing more than another input like a mic or instrument.

Thanks…I guess I should have just tried it. I was hoping this was the case, but after looking everywhere and not seeing anything about it, I thought probably not. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply.

If garageband can still play external instruments via midi, you could have garageband drive the beatbuddy acting like a sound module, and record the sounds from it like you would have midi play a keyboard or other sound module.

I know this works is Reaper.

Thanks for the replies…I plugged the BB into Garageband through Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and after balancing etc, it sounds perfect.

Hi I just bought Beat Buddy and want to stream MIDI drums from BB into Garage Band.
I got the MIDI Cable plugged into my PreSonus - into my Mac Pro. and GB doesn’t record
the MIDI info.
Audio records just fine but not MIDI
Anyone have a solution?

You need to have midi out enabled on the Beat Buddy. Its a setting. Refer to the BB manual and/or the BB midi manual.

You should check out this:

It helps you figure out what’s going on!

Thanks I’ll check it out

I’ll check that

One other thing I just found when running through the BB menu. Under Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Notes, you are going to want to check Enable.

Hey guys I’m pretty new to forums and never posted before but I was wondering how to get my BeatBuddy audio to come through reaper and what midi cable do I need?

You will need the MIDI Sync Adaptor from Singular Sound and a MIDI to USB cable like the Uno.