Record button didn't work?

On beta 3.1, there were a number of times when it felt like record was not taking effect.

It might have been errant foorpress, but it took about 4 takes before the record worked … and pretty sure after the 1st “miss” I did fully press the button each time.

I think I also experienced it with undo as well. At one point I thought undo had been disabled on the second part in 2x2 in beta 3.1…

Strange, I’m not sure how we can cause these to happen so to recreate, but we’ll keep an eye out, thank you for bringing this up.

When you’re talking about

Was this a re-record?


Also, if you could tell me if there was any set up (quantized mode, sync length is on, etc) to the recording or if it was supposed to happen immediately and it just didn’t, that would be very helpful!

A bit vague on the details. Pretty sure it was a re-record (both after a delete all tracks and after an undo of the track?), quantized, sync length on.