Record pickup notes. Populate blank audio file into track

@BrennanSingularSound , @DavidPackouz

I would like to have a feature that immediately populates a track with blank audio so first recording is actually an overdub and can start on a pickup note rather than having it always have the first beat of a bar. (Not the first recording of the loop but the option for subsequent loops to do this)

Perhaps there is a more clever implementation but the purpose would be to give the musician the opportunity to quickly make phrases in loop compositions that allow for more natural use of pickup notes.

Hi there, unfortunately, we will likely not do something like this, for this reason I will tag this as considered

A good alternative to having a setting would be to create a template that you can reuse later and make copies of the template to have clean versions that have silence on them so you can replicate this. The only downside is that BPMs cannot be changed on the Aeros after having a file in them.

Thanks for the request

Thanks for the speedy response. I figure it would be a difficult code thing. I can get around it when loop decay comes back into features. 100% decay and a well timed punchout.

Your solution of making a blank template would work for compositions that I have predetermined need that sort of phrasing. Also could compose around the limitation and keep the pickup for the end of the phrase and end with overdub to make a smooth phrase beginning.

Thanks again.

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That suggests two simple features, either of which would provide the OP feature. :

  • Generate empty track - Creates a blank audio track for an empty song based upon bpm and input number of measures. For freeform, let this be specified in floating point seconds. Add this to the stopped menu.
  • Allow changing of BPM of a song with only one track that is empty and stopped. Scale the empty track without worrying about artifacts/seams … or without just replace the current empty track with a new empty track like the prior idea).

The first idea seems doable today without much effort. The second idea is a stepping stone to the full featured handling of tempo changes to recorded tracks without artifacts that has been on your roadmap. That is arguably one of the last big missing features that competitive loopers provide.

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