Recording BB: Center placement only, other ideas?

Hello. In others experience in recording with the BB, are you placing the BB drums in the center as a mono track? Any other approaches tried? I’m using a Tascam 24 track recording, so I can lay down 2 tracks for stereo and use off center though I’ve not heard that done.

I’ve read that some late 60’s , early 70’s bands would occasionally place the entire drum kit to a hard left or right pan. Any ideas to try and your experiences would be appreciated. End goal, probably MP3 download on a commercial site.

Lastly, are there any means to get portions of the BB drum kit place in different panning positions?

Thanks, JHey.

BB drum kit notes are in the audio pan spectrum wherever they were recorded. If a center-panned sample is used in a kit, that sample sounds center panned. It cannot be moved right or left by using the BB. That said, when creating drum kits, you can record the sample at any position within the pan spectrum. I have several kits that I uploaded that have a “spread” pan, where various parts of the kit are off-center to one degree or another. You’d have to look through my kits in Resources to find them. They are usually part of 3 option kit, one centered, one with drums hard left and bass hard right, and the other being the spread.

Yep, as Phil says you’re stuck with however the kits are recorded, pan-wise. I record mine in stereo to 2 tracks for best results.

Thanks to both of you for insight . . . I hope to give back such help to forum after progressing in use of BB.

Greatly appreciated, Jhey.