Recording BB to DAW

I have a question: I want to record drums with BB this way- BB midi out to soundcard midi in and record with the DAW. Today I tried this, but it was unsuccessful. Tried to use drumsets in Adictive drums, Ez drummer and Battery. Couldn’t have any voice or midi signal. Of course I repeated same thing via analog outs and ins and it was ok. But it can be nice to have miditrack also. Tried everything, no way. Problem with mapping or it needs some tricky midi setup in the BB? Anybody has some suggestions, trick, experience? Thanks.

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Read the section on Midi Out settings. Set pedal to Midi Out. Make sure your midi channel matches the midi channel for the DAW for recording in. Sync is up to you based on your needs/preferences. I would probably have the Start and Stop commands disabled and just use the DAW to start and stop. But, very important, the Notes should be Enabled.

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Oh, and this should be obvious, but in case it’s not, you need to use the BB midi breakout cable, and you need to have a standard 5 pin midi cable going from the BB midi out to your Soundcard’s/Interface midi in. The BB does not send midi over the USB connector.

Also, it occurs to me that recording from the midi out is kinda unnecessary, as you can just pull the midi out of the .sng.

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Thanks Phil!
Will try today again. Yes, I thought about pulling out midi, but would be desirable record in real time. So far I made my drum tracks in the classic way: building one by one with beats, fills etc. e.g in Addictive drums. It is a time-consuming hard work. Now I want to try this new way and to take andvantage of BB’s possibilities. So, I’m new in this challenge: recording with BB. Hope more natural drum parts from this. I will report the result.

Can you help me and to write correct midi setup in BB, when I sync it with Voicelive3. Because I used it before in this way and now, when I’m tweaking with midi setup, I’m afraid, when I come back to VL3, it will be something wrong with setup. I remember, someone wrote it(BB to VL3)from point to point in both devices, but I can’t to find it on forums.

Sorry, I’m not a VL3 user. Maybe @Persist will remember where that post was.

I’m away from my my desktop so this all I could find with a search from my phone:

It’s a lot to wade through but I’m pretty sure the details are in one of those posts.

Thanks! Actually I changed just one parameter, send notes enabled now. When I’m going back toVL3, will disable. Now, the recording midi is workig. My problem solved. Anyway,if I find details description, will paste it for the future. Cheers

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Hi @Phil_Flood, I am planning to record on BB on DAW, through connecting BB to Soundcard/Interface. In addition to what you said, I guess I should connect the Singular Sound Midi Breakout Cable to the Soundcard/Interface`s Midi Out output and then to BB Midi In, bacause BB should be slave since I will need BB be synced to DAW tempo, and BB should start when start recording on DAW, right? Is there anything else I should set/be aware of to make achieve this process with no issues? Cheers.

You’ll need to make sure your BB Midi settings are correct. You’re not recording the BB midi, just the audio, as I understand you. So, yes, the BB is the slave to the DAW. Do not connect the BB out cable to your interface. Just have a cable from the Interface to the BB cable in. Your settings then for BB Midi in will be:

Channel - set to the channel you want the BB to receive on, or use Omni.
System Real Time - Sync - enable
Start - enable
Stop - enable
Note on - disable,
Note off - disable

Then you have a bunch of Control Change messages which you can control midi, so it will depend upon your intentions.
TEmpo - disable (sync is handling this)
Volume - your choice, but I would likely disable
HP-Vol - doesn’t matter
Accent hit - if you intend to trigger accent hits enable it, if is causes a problem disable
Pause/Unpause - enable
Drum Fill, Transistion and outro, - if you are “playing” the BB, I believe these work via the foot controls, If you are intending on sending midi message to control these parts, then you need to enable them. (see the midi manual).

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@Phil_Flood thanks a lot I will try what you said. Thank you very much for your help and for your time. Cheers man.