Recording BeatBuddy to DAW as Individual Stems


Apologies if this has been answered but after about an hour on the forums I haven’t found the answer.

I want to record by BeatBuddy to My DAW and get the individual drums (Snare, Kick etc) on different tracks in my DAW so I can compress and EQ them separately. Ideally I’d like to do this using the BeatBuddy as normal so I can easily control fills and changes etc, but any way would be better than none.

My setup is BeatBuddy connected via Midi to a Roland Studio Capture interface and then into Reaper.



The BB audio does not separate into individual channels. You could record the BB midi into your DAW, and then reconfigure the BB to act as a midi “sound card,” or drum synth, such that the DAW is then triggering the BB’s sounds. With this set up, you could then separate the midi track into individual tracks for each drum kit piece. You would solo the selected drum kit midi track, and record the audio, one track at a time for each drum kit piece. At that point, you could process each piece as desired.

Hi Phil,

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

Could you point me in the direction of any resources which will explain how to do what you’ve suggested. I’m pretty new to using midi for anything other than clock sync.



Search the forum for “using BB as a sound module.” Also take a look at the manual for the commands for BB midi in and out. You’ll need to have the BB connected to the Roland midi in and out. You’ll also need to connect the BB to 2 audio channels on the Roland. After your setup is ready, you will first be recording midi from the BB. The BB will need to be configured for midi out. You’ll be recording midi from BB to Reaper. When you have the midi track recorded, duplicate it for as many times as they are drum lanes recorded in the track. Example, track has kick, snare, hats, ride and crash. You’ll need 5 instances of the track. Next, label these tracks, one each, with the name of the kit piece - kick, closed hat, snare, etc. Then, within each track, delete the notes that are not the target instrument. Example - kick is 36 (C1]. Delete everything that is not a C1. Then, follow this process for each of the other kit pieces. Next, you will configure the BB to receive midi from Reaper. It will need to receive midi in. It has to respond to midi notes. Reaper needs to send midi on the channel that BB is set to receive. Now, within Reaper create an audio track. Solo the first midi track. Arm the audio track to record. Play Reaper and you should be recording the audio from the kick. Repeat for each kit piece, one by one. Then process as desired.

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