Recording beats and creating midi files for BB

Hi All,

I have a Yamaha DTX522K drum kit which I play reasonably well. I am the bass player and BB operator in our band.

Is there a way I can record the drum beats and convert them to midi files for use in BB. We. Play shadows music and beats for tunes such as Apache are too difficult to do in a midi sequencer.



Refer to the Reference Manual for the 502 module. Get it as a download if you need to. Record your performance using kit 50, the GM kit. That midi file can then be used in a BB song. Use a fairly complete kit, like Standard Pro.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply. Do I record via the USB or audio output. What software would I require on my Mac.

I will download the manual.



To get midi, you’ll need to record via USB. The manual mentioned some software, but I don’t recall what it was, offhand. I use Logic Pro X on Mac. I believe it is on sale right now, but there are lower cost alternatives, like Reaper, or Cakewalk by Bandlab.

I’m using an older Roland TD-6v module that doesn’t have USB (only MIDI IN/OUT), but I do have a Motu USB audio interface. So if I ran the MIDI OUT from my TD-6v into the MIDI IN on my Motu which is connected to my computer/DAW, could I use that connection to create my own MIDI file that I could use in the BB?

Sure. As long as your DAW can record midi, that should work just fine, The USB answer above was referencing that particular piece of Yamaha gear.

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Thanks Phil. I wasn’t sure if I needed to complete the MIDI loop back to the TD-6v (e.g., MIDI OUT from Motu to MIDI IN on TD-6v) for this to work. I know my DAW can record MIDI, which is why I thought I only needed the single MIDI cable from the TD-6v into the AI. I appreciate the help!

You only need the midi to go one way to record. :grinning:

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