Recording Duration

Hi there!
Like everyone - an apology - I’m newby and I have questions.
Each track on my Aeros has a duration of 150 seconds or 2.5 minutes. After this time, the track automatically switches to playback mode. This happens in any mode - both 2x2 and 6x6, both in mono and stereo mode. I need one track for 3 minutes. How can I do this?
And another question - they say that the duration of one song can be 20 minutes. How can this be, if one track cannot be more than 2.5 minutes? 2 consecutive tracks in 2x2 mode is 5 minutes, and 6 consecutive tracks in 6x6 mode is 15 minutes. What’s wrong?
Thanks in advance for clarifications!

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Hi there, the total recording time possible in a 6x6 song is 20 minutes, remember that there can be more than one track in a song part, each track adds on to that time. The first overdub is like a track of it’s own memory-wise, sequential overdubs do not add on to that time.

It is true that 2x2 is limited to 10 minutes (2 tracks in each of 2 song parts), or 5 consecutive minutes, and 6x6 is limited to 15 consecutive minutes.

That being said, we are working on doing away with the individual track limit, however, we have not had much luck in breaking the total 20 minute limit per song, but we are exploring options, nothing solid to give on that front yet.

Hi Brennan, thanks for the clarification.
Maybe the solution would be to implement a simple 1x2 mode in the future.
Many songs have AABA structure, and 5 minutes for each part will be more than enough.
Of course, 2x2 mode is good, and 6x6 mode is excellent, but often we need more simple solutions. :wink: