Recording from daw to aeros midi sync

I have looked over many of the threads so I apologize if I have missed this request somewhere else:

I have built song parts to be played in a band in my daw on computer (Cakewalk Sonar “Legacy” Edition). I want to try to put them into the Aeros but syncing them up when I only get one click track for the first recording is next to impossible.

My request: (in three parts even though it is really just one idea)

  1. midi start from Cakewalk transport (which is standard spacebar start and stop)
  2. midi sync (in either direction honestly).
  3. ability to have a lead time of at least one measure so the sample doesn’t have pops at the beginning.

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Hey there, did you try telling the Aeros to count in for 1 measure, that may help but the popping issue is not a timing problem. We have greatly improved the fade logic for the Aeros in the current tested version which is incredibly close to being ready to share as first a beta and then share it on WiFi.

We apologize for the inconvenience, we are working diligently to get this issue squared off so that there will be a pop-free environment when using the Aeros. The fade logic in prior releases was not adequate so we have rewritten the code and that was given us great results while testing.

As to your requests:

  1. MIDI start is already read by the Aeros if the message is being sent. The Aeros does not have the capability to be the MIDI master yet, it does not send out start commands.
  2. Aeros responds to MIDI sync, if the Aeros is in quantized mode and MIDI sync is OFF while connected, there is an issue with the settings of your master device, and it is not being adequately read by the Aeros.
  3. This pop you are experiencing is most likely caused by the fade logic I have explained above and is likely not to be solved by starting later.

Your use is very unorthodox and is not really the intended use of the product, it would be great if we could get it to work, however. We know that users have requested backtrack capabilities which would probably provide an alternate route, but we aren’t at that point yet.

Please let me know if the Aeros reads MIDI sync ON when connected to cakewalk

Thanks for the response! I have set it to give me 1 lead measure. the problem comes with layering other tracks on top of the first one.

Take a 6x6 workspace… tracks:

  1. keys loop
  2. bass loop
  3. guitar loop
  4. lead guitar loop
  5. pad
  6. misc

If I want each track to be separate from each other, I have to record them individually, which is totally fine…
My issue is if I manage to magically line up the first track with the use of metronome (by trying to sync it to the DAW metronome manually) if I don’t nail it 5 more times in a row with no metronome, I’m screwed with building my backing track.

I’m sure that I am confusing you… does this help?

Any chance you could take a video, I’m not sure I get it
You start playback on cakewalk, you start recording track 1, then you start playbakc of track 1? How is the song set up in cakewalk?
If the first track is setting up perfectly, just put all tracks one right after the other in Cakewalk, make sure your Aeros is set to be in quantized mode, then use the next track button before the last measure ends, and start recording the 2nd instrument on track 2, do the same for each track. Would this work? I imagine your issue is keeping everything in sync because the parts are vertically stacked in cakewalk.

Alternatively, you can stop both the Aeros and Cakewalk before recording the second track, but then you would not have count in once you start recording track 2.

Hope this is helpful!

You nailed it!! You described it correctly! I had thought of stacking them linearly but unless the midi timecode stays locked there could be a bit of time drift the longer the recording is.

The stopping of cakewalk to record the next track was my headache. I may revert back to laying it out like you said but when there are multiple tracks each with multiple parts it gets a bit ungainly. midi sync would make it so much more precise and efficient imo.

There should not be any drift, the Aeros should resync constantly, let us know if you encounter any issues with this.
I’d suggest saving a new version of you song that is made to accomplish this, because unorthodox means tend to ask for unorthodox measures! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

For the record,
Your suggestion turned out to be the best way to lay in the tracks for my projects. It requires a steady hand a bit of a mixing mind but it I’m pleased with the outcome.

It would still be easier to have midi to start and stop recording in case I mess up, but this will hold my place until the update comes along… Love the pedal… because it rocks!

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Awesome! I’m so glad I could be of help to you :slight_smile: Have a great one!