Recording queued to the end of the loop (not end of measure)

To record a track in quantize mode I always have to wait the very end of the 1st loop, the last 2 beats of the last bar, if i rec earlier on 1&2 beat of the last bar, or before the last bar it will rec immediatly, same thing for parts change…

This is really annoying… who is using immediate for record or change part???


Yes, for many of us, it’s the end of the loop that matters, not the measure. I need to be able to press record on a new track and have that begin at the stary of the next loop, not the next measure.

I can see sometimes where syncing to the measure might be nice, but it’s the loop that’s usually more important.

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I think the core issue is that SS is limited by the BeatBuddy integration. The BB integration today requires the BB be the midi master. The BB has no understanding of loop, just measure.

To fix this, the Aeros needs to be the midi master or some sort of hybrid situation where the two devices talk to each other.

It is an engineering shortcut to change on the measure and not allow changing on the start of loop.

Yes, the Aeros can’t be master for the moment, and i think it have to be…
But the problem is when the aeros is alone, in slave mode it will respond to the next measure, that is fine.

Strangely the Aeros doesnt respond in the same way (like i described before) in master mode or alone…

I think the notion of “immediate” for part change, rec track, play, etc… in quantize mode is to proscribe… particularly for live sessions, or eventualy like with the BB a choice, immediate, half, measure,… and end of loop…