Recording start when tracks are locked

Let we suppose I want to jam with 3 locked track on all the parts(tis is to change the part on the BB )
If I lock track 1,2&3 and change to part 2 , this start a recording track on each parts that I change!
If I change to part 2 , recording track start
If I change from part 2 to Part 3 this start a recording etc…
Is this possible to fix this for a non auto recording ?

This doens’t happen if I do the same with No locking tracks


Hey there,

This is part of how locked tracks work, the part does not technically exist until you record a track to it that is not locked, this is why we force a recording in the new part when tracks are locked.

However that being said I do see some behaviors that may be buggy now that I’m running it with locked tracks in 5.1.1, so we may review this a bit

Thanks for the report!

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