Recording starts with a fade in?

When I press record (/overdub), the Aeros fades the first 1/2 or 1 sec in. This sounds unnatural, stays on my loops. Is there any way when I press the record it captures the sound of my instrument instantly with full volume? Thank you!

Just to mention, this is a deal breaker. I wanted to send the Aeros back, but I found this forum and changed my mind. You have a great support and community. Please fix this in the next firmware update if there is no other solution. I would like to give Aeros another chance and start using it live. Thank you, Adrian

Hey there Adrian, this is because the overdubs happen on the release, what you’re hearing are fades to keep things from popping. If you want it to come in fully on an overdub you must wait until the release to start playing. We are working on MIDI implementation that would allow you to use an external controller to make it happen on the press. We cannot change overdubs to happen on the press because there is a hold command on that button.

There’s no possible way to do this? to have the overdub on the press? It’s a really basic function on every single looper. Overdubing on the release it’s really uncomfortable and not intuitive, that’s kinda disappointing :confused:

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The RPO buttons always have a hold function for undoing/redoing making a reaction on the release necessary.


That should read, the "The RPO buttons currently have a hold function for undoing/redoing making a reaction on the release easier to design and build.

Not even a way to customize the layout of the functions?

It’s possible there is a solution, yes. We will see what is doable.

That may be too complicated to expect soon, there may be alternatives that we are exploring

Hi Brennan, thank you for the quick response. please see my picture on the 2nd and 5th channel, the first notes are quieter and this is audible as well. On the second chanel it is the second waveform. I have to wait a second and record after if I want to avoid this. I’m using 2.17.6

Re: Recording on the release - I’d say the best solution would be if the undo could be on an external footswitch which could be connected to the Expression pedal input. Actually even two pedals (for two channels) with a Footswitch+ type pedal. I use way more the undo/redo than even the record. If you have 6 channels, you can build up pretty complex music on them without much overdubbing. Then I want to switch them on and off and have the option for an instant record. This is the Undo/Redo. I tried many pedals, and some are very quick and slim, my personal favorite is the Japaneese yellow steel Korg Ps-1, so well built, I can do complex rhythms with it with a quick undo/redo machine. This is a function I find the most useful. And if you want to change one, you can do it with this instead the stop > Clear, which is two steps.

My setup currently are a few Jamman Stereos, because nothing could replicate how fast they can do this, and they can give me backing tracks (separate one each!) in a very well thought out way. I’d love to go to a smaller setup hence I purchased the AEROS. I do live looping ( I would love to help you with third party suggestions, your machine is very close to be great, but at the moment (mainly because of this bug) is not usable. I’m keeping it because I believe that it would be enhanced with this excellent support.

I’ve created a monster. I’ve suggested this but have no idea if that is possible or easy to do. There was a reply from SS that the exp could not be used that way, but often when an engineer says something is impossible they mean they don’t know a way to do it.

That said there are many ways to build an expression input circuit and challenges/risks to using them beyond their designed use.

P.S. I am in favor of better use of the existing buttons on the Aeros and simple ways to expand those without the complexity of midi (and midi thru routing), and add-on pedals that use too much space, power, setup time, and $.

Please download the latest firmware and confirm for us that the issue you posted a picture of above is still happening, were these only from overdubs?

This is not possible, sorry, we wish it was. The expandability for all functions to be made on the press will come with using the MIDI Maestro.

Thanks for your support, we are always working on improvements, this may not be the solution, but we will be looking into it.

And what about the non-Midi Maestro, non-Beatbuddy Aeros users?
Suggestion: Would be possible having the undo with double-tap AND hold, so the switch it’s gonna be free to operate overdubs on the press?

We are looking into solutions for this, we will get back to you, thank you for your suggestion.
You technically could use any MIDI controller once the Aeros is mapped for MIDI.

Hi Brennan, I’ve updated the firmware to 3.0 via wifi. The issue still exist, screenshot attached. It only exist with overdub. If I press the overdub > release it > play after, the beginning of the note is not faded in, but this is not a real life scenario. I play and during playing I decide to record, then I press very quickly the overdub, then what happens is that the beginning of the note is faded in as the images suggest, the first 0.5s is quieter than the rest, so the attack is cut off.

I see, this is probably due to the command being sent on the release, we are looking into it, thank you for the photo.

I just want to say this has been dealt with for a while now, the Aeros currently activates all recording events on the press when immediacy is necessary. Overdubs have also been made to come in and out much smoother.

Thank you all for reporting!