Recording stereo

No, in the first post you state that you were getting Mono out. You didn’t say panning.

“spire is combining the audio with no stereo spread“

This is taken from the first post. Jesus Christ buddy are you just trying to argue your perceived interpretation of my post when it’s explained to you.

Stereo spread is not panning. Stereo spread is stereo distance. You actually said Mono. I’m annoyed that you changed what you said, and tried to blame the person trying to help you. Panning is when a sound moves from one speaker to another speaker. Panning can be automated or built into a recording, so mechanical panning going wrong is a new subject. It can be for example MIDI.

Ok buddy you are right I am wrong. This back and fourth was extremely helpful btw. The second person that messaged seemed to get it just fine. Not sure what you want from now. Not one the statement in your condescending comments helped at all so for fuck sake move along.

The second person that posted said mono, and stereo as well, following your first post.