Recording stereo

So here is my set up. I run mono from the octaver (bottom right) across to the automatone into the firebox then the microcosm. From the microcosm it’s stereo all the way to the Aeros. All pedal are hooked up and set up correctly for stereo. Aeros is set up for stereo in the main and track setting. Running the dual ts cables out of the Aeros into my izatope spire is combining the audio with no stereo spread. Even tried a trs out of the aux stereo out of the Aeros and I’m getting mono out with worse audio. Same issue when I used my mixer. Odd thing is when I plug my headphones into the aux out it sounds great. Same when I use a adapter on the dual main out with headphones. Been using a kemper forever with my spire with no issues. Just recently went all analog and I can figure it out.

It seems peculiar when using headphones from your aux out you hear stereo but when plugging into iZotope from aux out you don’t. Is there some setting on the iZotope for mono or stereo?

Right, it makes no sense. It’s not the spire as plugged my phone into it and it worked great and also it does the same thing when plugged into my mixer. Both have combo jacks. This has been driving me crazy and I can’t figure it out. I thought maybe one of my cables went out(nope) then I checked the jumper in the flint or the buffered bypass settings on the D1 delay(nope). It’s not like I’m a noob to this either. I can’t understand why the aux out would sound different coming out the same jack. I’ll record some audio tonight and post a link.

You are changing a cable into a headphone cable. So it could be the cable.

If you mean a trs cable yes that is used for the aux out. I’ve also tried several different cables.

Check your Aeros song recording settings. If it is incorrectly set to mono, you will still hear stereo while monitoring, but the unit will only be putting out a summed mono signal.

Both set to stereo

First sound is one single trs cable out of the aux output. Second is a trs to dual mono cable out of the aux output. third is dual mono out the main outputs. If I plug headphones into the aux out or adapter the dual mono main I get a beautiful stereo spread. What am I missing?

The spire has 2 headphone outputs are they both mono?

Both stereo 1/8in

No I mean do you hear mono, or stereo through them through headphones?


If everything is stereo then you don’t have a problem. Just go to Monitors or something.

Yeah not the issue.

Oh OK??? I’m confused if you don’t have an issue. It just seems like you are trying to do things the hard way.

I could re explain the issue but I’ll state to read the above post.

In the above post you did not say that you were getting stereo out of the Spire, you said that you weren’t. Now you say that both jacks are stereo out. So the above post is no longer relevant. If you are getting stereo out that leaves no problems to figure out.

The issue is the effects are summed to mono it seems like. Yes audio is coming out of each headphone is in stereo but my stereo panning effect are not. The d1 delay and wampler both have panning effects. The sound when plugged into the Aeros directly with headphones has this panning effect where as when I plug it in the my spire or mixer into the monitors it’s coming out summed. This was stated in the first post. This was the issue, stereo EFFECTS not stereo itself.

Seems to be a issue with the spire and not the Aeros