Recycled Demo (recorded with Aeros Loop Studio)

I fired up my Aeros because I saw where there was a firmware update recently released. This was a quick demo I recorded after the update. Although I did find a bug with the mute function on the mixer. I had a track muted and it showed up as “greyed out” but was still playing. I had to roll the volume all the way down instead. Then the unmute didn’t seem to work. After I saved the song and opened it again, the mute seemed to work. I’ll do more testing with it tomorrow and see if it is still an issue. If so, I assume there is a place where I can report bugs around here somewhere.

Anyhow, I recorded this short demo with a Martin DC Aura plugged into an EHX Oceans 12 dual stereo reverb. Just using some plate reverb. The guitar riff is from one of my older songs from about 8 years ago.

The Behringer Poly D “minimoog clone” was also plugged into the Oceans 12 with the same plate reverb setting, more or less. Both tracks were recorded with the Oceans 12 going into the Aeros inputs. I took the SD card out and copied the files to my PC and recreated the stereo tracks using my DAW. The acoustic guitar track had to loop 3 or 4 times so I copied it multiple times between two different tracks so I could crossfade the end of one with the beginning of the next. The transitions were a bit too rough to just lay them end-to-end. That’s too much trouble to use the Aeros as the final recording device, but it is still useful as a songwriting tool. I jumped through all the file manipulation hoops just to keep from having to re-record everything. But I may do more with this song idea, so there’s a good chance I’ll re-record it, anyway.