Reggae Beats and Drumset in ACTION

I’ve been using the BeatBuddy paired with my Boomerang Looper for almost a year now and I wish I discovered this earlier. It made almost everything easier for me. Here is one of my original songs written in Tagalog.

I bought both the Reggae Drumset and Beats by Goran Rista and it is awesome both for home practice and gigging. It is definitely a must if you love reggae! I also sometimes play around with them on BB Manager, editing MIDI and swapping drumsets.

I placed my BB under my board together with a mixer for plug and play use and to minimize setup time at the venue. I just have an external foot switch to control the BB, whereas, one of the footswitches were program to be as ‘main’ and the other is for ‘pause/unpause’ and scrolling songs.


Excellent! I also play quite a bit of reggae as well as being a Boomerang III (and now also an Aeros) user. Here’s a tip for you if you decide to pick up an Aeros and are used to the C B/A method of Boomerang where you lay down one rhythm loop and then longer multiples of that loop on the A and B loops…

Set the 2x2 to “Freestyle”… that way you can start each song at whatever tempo you like… play the first rhythm track then you can overdub on that or do longer on the neighbor track. If you set that first loop to “protect” it will perform exactly as the Boomerang III, but it’s kinda cool that you can have a different “rhythm” track for chorus and verse using parts.

I’ve been working on some lessons and tutorials, so I’ll share them here when they’re ready. Rock on.

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Really nice performance ! Do you use the SP Compressor for the BB ?
Can you please elaborate on how is your signal chain in you BB pedalboard ?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for sharing. Please keep them coming.

I also wanted to try an Aeros someday, when funds are ready. Always curious about it.

I use the SP for guitar. Here is I/O settings:


LR Baggs PARA DI (front buffer) > Xotic SP > Tuner > Mosky Loop Box (Dunlop Mini Wah > Mosky Mini Screamer OD > Mooer Tender MKII > Mosky Triangolo > Tc Electronic FB2 > TC Electronic HOF2) > Spark > Boss OC-3 (end buffer)


Mic > TC Helicon Mic Mechanic V1 > DIY Mic Mute > Mackie 802VLZ4 Mic IN


Singular Sound BeatBuddy (w/ Mosky Dual Footswitch) > Mackie 802VLZ4 Line IN


Boomerang III Phrase Sampler L/R IN > Mackie 802VLZ4 ALT 3-4
Boomerang III Phrase Sampler L/R OUT > Mackie 802VLZ4 LINE IN 7-8

Main OUTs

Mackie 802VLZ4

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