Reggae jam with looper, plus full review

Just got a Beat Buddy and did a full review of it on my YouTube. Love this thing!

Here’s a two-part reggae jam using Beat Buddy plus a looper. An 80s ska/reggae tune I’ve loved forever.

And watcha think about how I used the tuning key to bend the low E string at 17:46 on Surf Rider?

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Thanks for this, so many of the youtube demos are old. I ordered the BeatBuddy should be here in a few days. I like that the visual metronome shows the bars as well as the beats. I’m curious as to why the reggae only had two and the country had a lot of bars and if this can be changed. I should just wait to see if i can figure this stuff out when I get mine, I have tons of questions but don’t want to be that guy that asks questions that are obvious, I am just excited to get a drummer I can kick that won’t hit me with sticks!